React.js plugin for building charts using CSS.

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The source for this module is in the main repo.
Example app is here.
Backend service for the example app is here.
npm package is here.


npm install chartify --save-dev

Getting started

import Chartify from 'chartify';

const data = [{
    xValue: '20.11.2016',
    yValue: 5,
    title: '007 Spectre'

const config = {
    theme: 'blue',
    width: 50,			      
    height: 10,		
    boxSize: 20,
    isLineChart: false,
    bordered: false


Passing props

Data prop is a dataset that should be an array of objects:
[{ xValue: '12.03.2019', yValue: 8, title: 'men in black' }]

Keys are required and types are:
{ xValue: string, yValue: number, title: string }

Container prop is a class that will be added to the chart container element. This is important in case you have more than one chart on your page.

Config prop is an object with properties:
theme:string - is color scheme of the chart, β€œdefault”, β€œblue”, β€œgrey”, β€œwhite” etc.
width:number - is the length of the data array by X-axis.
height:number - is the length of the data by Y-axis.
boxSize:number - is size of each box in pixels.
isLineChart:boolean - is param that determines if this is a line-chart.
bordered:boolean - is param that determines if each box has white borders.


The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2020